Girls who want men who "bring bank."

As I was sitting at my desk at work a few days ago, I overheard a discussion between a coworker and her friend.  The friend was talking about how her boyfriend was raking in the big "bank" now and he could now take her on great dates and such.  She was also complaining about the times her boyfriend was strapped for cash.  I just sat there, getting more irritated by the moment as the girl went on and on about how great she was for sticking by him even when he was a poor dude and how awesome it was that he was getting cash, etc. etc.

What is it with girls who are obsessed with "their man" making lots of cash and taking them out on dates all the time?  It absolutely disgusts me.  It demeans a love based relationship into nothing more than materialism.  Not to mention the fact that it's anti feminist.  If you are a strong woman then you should take care of yourself and not worry about whether your man is making big bucks.  You worry about yourself and he can worry about himself.